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How I got my acne free skin

Hello guys! It’s me again! I want to share my happiness with you today, because after so many years I finally found the way to be acne free. Before I proceed sharing my experience I want you to know that making something this personal a public post (at least to me) is embarrassing and soul destroying; I never thought I’ll be opening to the world like this. This is something that you talk only with your best friends, family and the doctor. You wouldn’t imagine how many times I have stopped writing this blog, because I couldn’t get myself to share this huge vulnerability of mine, but I then realized that I’m not alone in this situation and finally decided that if my experience, mistakes and solutions can help even just one person out there, then its worth every sentence. Just know, that this is strongly hard for me to talk of this, since it has flagellated my entire adolescence. I was bullied, called names and locked my self up just to protect myself. I know many people can relate to me on this, and if you never felt that way, be proud of yourself, because you are stronger than most!

Enough with the NoNos… Lets start with my teenage years, when it all began. Like most teenagers, I’ve had mild acne when I was about 13 years old. My mom said that it was in the family genes, because she had acne too, as well as her sister, my grands and cousins, plus my dermatologist told me the exact same thing too. Oh well, I just thought, hey, “it’ll go away, I just need to grow out of my puberty stage and everything should be fine“. Although it affected me in school, the way people looked at me and the way I looked at myself, I just kept telling me…”it will fade away…this will pass…everything is going to be ok!

Now, lets move forward to a 23 year old me, the girl that has spent 10 years of her life with severe acne. I had tried everything you could imagine to get rid if my acne, and by everything I literally mean EVERYTHING…from healthy eating, strict diets, antibiotics, natural remedies, light therapies, countless creams, every new magic solution that was released in the market, many doctors and I swear to you, if there was a shaman healer where I lived, I would have visited him, but nothing worked! In fact, the more I tried to get rid of the acne, the worse it seemed to be getting, but with a little bit of vengeance against me…ughhh! I just couldn’t handle it! Now add my passion to the equation; modeling and photography, where I had to wear massive amount of foundation on a daily basis to cover the acne from my face. Imagine the stress that this was causing me, and as you may have heard, stress is one of the number 1 causes of acne breakouts – my skin entered its worst phase ever.

I was in complete desperation and needed to do something about it, I tried more creams and even visited a few more cosmetic clinics…everything in vain. My acne got so bad at one point that even with foundation I could see the volcanoes in my face from a mile away. I didn’t want to wake up in the morning to even look at myself in the mirror, many of you know what happens in the morning after you wake up; the acne seems to have been partying on you all night long. I didn’t want to see my friends or go out to meet people. Also, I constantly felt like quitting modeling and photography, and all the things that I love. My family have always been so loving to me and understood what I was going through. My mom always said: “it’s always darker before the sun rises”. I hadn’t really understood that phrase until one of my acne episode night I read an article on the web about this product called Adapalene.  Well, this drug has been my sunrise ever since! …But what the heck is adapalene? -I’ve never heard of that one before. No wonder I have not heard of it, it was a completely new drug in the market to fight acne. Not many doctors have heard of this product, but I kept doing my research and found out that the prestigious company Proactiv has develop a new line with that active ingredient on it; the product is called proactive MD. There are many reviews out there about this product, but one good is that this product can be purchased online or over-the-counter – there is no need for a prescription to buy it, at least for now…you know how this pharmacy stuff works out! 

Unfortunately, this product is only sold to the United States, it is not sold internationally.

I kept looking on the internet and read that a lot of people with severe acne like me benefited from the Proactiv MD solution, I also read from some people that the skin reacted to the product making them feel like the skin was on “fire” (burning feeling) and redness that eventually went away. Just so you know, all of this is a normal reaction when using acne products on your skin for the first time. It happened to me with many other creams as well, it may happen to you, but eventually your skin will get used to it. I talked to my mom about this new product and decided to book an appointment at the Atlanta Acne Specialists in Decatur, Georgia. I talked to my dermatologist there and explained about my history of acne and everything I’ve been through. I also mentioned about the Proactiv MD product. To my surprise he told me that he was telling his clients about that line of product combined with a regular face wash and he confirmed me that the results for people with severe acne have been promising. As I mentioned before, there is no need for a prescription to get this product. You just go to the nearest pharmacy and buy it from there or better off to get it from their website Proactive.com and it will deliver directly to your door.

After leaving the doctor’s office I ordered the Proactive MD, I was so thrilled that I couldn’t wait for the product to arrive and of course, begin with my treatment. It took 2 days for the package to be delivered to my door, or maybe 1 day, I just wasn’t at home so I’m not sure. Anyway…that same night, I started with the treatment and as expected, I got the burning feeling on my face, followed by redness that eventually faded away after a couple of minutes. I went to sleep as usual, and woke up the next morning hoping the product have done it’s miracle, but I was disappointed, completely and utterly disappointed. My skin seemed to have worsened, but at least there was one good thing about it; it wasn’t feeling all “greasy”. I told my mom how I was feeling and the disappointment, and she told me to wait, maybe that was a normal effect of the product. Well, I have no other choice, after all, most of the products, treatments and creams I have used have done nothing, but the same effect on my skin. I kept using the Proactiv MD solution for a couple of more days. To my surprise, every time I woke in the morning an looked in the mirror there where no new pimples, cyst or new redness on my face…Oh yeah! This looked promising! After a week or 2 of using this proactiv product my face was finally looking healthier and just with a few pimples here and there, but nothing bad and embarrassing, I was even able to lower the amount of foundation I had to apply in my face. It was like a new me! I felt so happy that I even started crying when I talked to my mom about it and I’m also crying right now LOL…

Now, after 4 months of using this product my face is completely acne free!!!! I have absolutely clean spot-less skin, with only a few scaring from previous breakouts that are fading away quickly. I am now FREE after being imprisoned by acne since my early 13s.

I sit here writing today, struggling to imagine why I didn’t find this product sooner. Adapalene gave my life a 180 degree twist and returned me my confidence for which I’m forever thankful.

The struggle had been real, painful and tiresome, but I’ve learned a lot along the way. Here is what I want you guys to squeeze from this… Firstly, PLEASE pleaseeee, never judge anyone in life. You never know the struggles they are actually facing. Like me, people might put on a hard exterior, like a shell or a protection wall, but might be suffering from the inside. Therefore, never make fun of someone based on their looks, this can shatter self esteem and it is very hard to get back from that point. We have to empower each other and not tear each other apart. I remember this girl at a store saying to me: “You’ve got such a pretty face, shame your skin is so bad. Bet your followers wouldn’t even recognize you without make up” – Ouch! I’m a strong person, and usually don’t let people’s judgments affect me, but at night when I saw myself in the mirror, it really did affect me. That’s when I promised myself that I needed and would do everything possible share my acne story one day. I like to share positive stories and stories where I have overcome my adversities so that way, I can help some of you with my experiences. And here we are, what I have overcome with almost a decade of a long, hard and painful adversity and I’m here to tell you guys. I’m truly from the bottom of my heart grateful for it all…for the acne, for the rude comments, for the struggles and for everything I’ve been through, because they all made me a strong woman today. I just hope this helps you guys the way it did to me. And this is not only for women, I know many guys that are in desperate need of these tips, men that also struggle with acne, just like me. Don’t let it rule over you’re life. You have control of everything!

One last piece of advice to anyone who is currently going through acne,  don’t lose hope – there is lots of options to cure it, no matter how severe it is, take me as an example. Go see a dermatologist and get it looked at. They seriously do know the best. I know it can be expensive for some, but in the long run you will save a lot of money by visiting a dermatologist than trying out every other method known to man in hopes of curing it. 

I’ll share the link here for the Proactiv Solution, you can try it out if you like and share your results here for everyone to see, I know results can vary from person to person, and the more we know the the more information we can get about it.

Just click the banner for the official Proactiv website

I just found out that through this link you get the 30 day supply plus a free gift, a purifying mask or something, I didn’t get the chance to use it, but I might worth the try.

Without further delay, here are real life photos from 4/5 months ago (sorry they are poor quality). These are old selfies I had on my old phone;  I didn’t think I was ever going to write this post nor did I ever would have to take pictures of my progress, so I really need to apologize on this…

These are selfies I took 4-5 months before treatment. See the ugly redness? I have gotten worse, but I don’t have pictures of that…sorrry!!!

And these are selfies I’ve taken since the treatment started working. They are my completely bare skin or just with a mild bb cream on. I’m truly so so grateful for my skin today. Now all I have left to tackle is a bit of minor scarring (I can write another post on that soon too).

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to leave them below. I’ll try to reply as soon as I can!

I love you guys very much and thank you so much for being on this beautiful journey with me.

Without your constant support, I would have quit on the blog many times. Your words touch me like no other and now I hope I can touch you with my stories!

Sincerely yours!

Dii xoxo

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  1. My face is looking like the moon right now. I’m at college exams and it’s giving me so much stress that my breakouts are the worst ever. Nothing seems to work. Will try this out!
    Thanks for sharing your experience. I know how you feel. 😞

    • Hi sweetie!
      I’m glad you find out my post. I’m also surprised, because I just released it LOL!
      Dear…I know it’s hard, specially when we are stressed, hope this product helps you and you get a clear skin! we all deserve it… Please keep us posted on the results.
      urs! Dii

  2. Hi,
    I just read your story and it just made me cry. I have been struggling with acne for the past 2 years or so. I went to the dermatologist and it prescribed some solutions that worked at first, but after a while the acne came back. I looked on Walgreens and CVS for this proactiv and it’s not available. Just purchased from their website.
    When is it best to start the treatment? Day or night????

    • Hi dear,
      Thanks for writting your comment. I started at night. At least for me was the best time, since I spent most of the day out at college and the office It all depends on what time you have to make it part of your daily routine.
      Please keep us posted!

      Dii xoxo

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I’m a 25 yo man and still have acne problems. I started the Proactive md line 1 month ago and I can guarantee that this product really works. The bad thing is that its hard to get cause right now is on high demand or at least thats what they told me when I called.
    Not sure how to send a pic here.
    Loves your top fan!
    Nick R.
    San Diego, CA

    • Hi Nicolas,
      Thank you for your comment. Glad to hear the Proactiv treatment worked on you! Sometimes it’s hard to find the product in stores, I always recommend to buy online. It’s a reliable company and they will deliver quickly.
      Sending you hugs!!

      Dii XOXO <3

      • Haha! You are one of many!!! Acne has no gender 🙁 it will affect queens and kings all the same! Keep us posted with the results!!


  4. Hi🖐🏻
    Sorry to ask, but is there a discount coupon available for the poractive creams? I bought the neutrogena, but it didnt work. After 1 month i still have my face greasy and the acne is bad as usual. I’m a bit skeptical on buying anything else that wont work.
    Just need your advice!!!!!!

    Hope you get the chance to write back

    Thank you
    S.T. 💋

    • hi Steph,

      Good to see you here on my blog! Not sure if there is a coupon. So far I only know about the free gift they have after purchasing. I also used Neutrogena, nothing amazing with the results, but it all depends each person. I’m no doctor, so I can’t guarantee that the proativ will work on you. I just shared my experience here, because I know many people are going through the same stuff. I do recommend an appointment with your dermatologist. Maybe he/she can let you know if proactiv is a solution for you.

  5. Hi Dii,

    I usually don’t post or comment, but wanted to let you know that the Proactive Md really works. I’ve been struggly with acne for the past 2 years. Nothing worked, until I read this blog of yours. I bought the products online through your link. And started a week ago. My face is looking cleaner now.
    I got a mask with the order. I haven’t used it yet, but I don’t think I need to use it.

    I wanted to thank you for sharing this. I do recommend this product to anyone who reads this.

    Diane from Florida

    • Hi Diane,
      Glad to hear this!!! In just 1 week and getting results?!?!!! Wow! I’m amazed!!! Hope your comment helps other people too!!!

      Sending you XOXO
      Yours 4ever,

  6. I couldn’t find the product in stores. Only an old version of Proactive. It doesn’t say anything about adapalene. My dermatologist told me that most proactiv, neutrogena and all that stuff
    will do just about the same to my acne. Not sure if he told me because it is the truth or but because he wanted to keep me on those Rx creams. Anyway, just bought the proactive from the link you share. Hope it works.

    • Hi Brandon,
      You should definitely try it! Doctors will do what they think is best for their patients, hope this was your case. Please keep us posted.


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